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Welkom bij ONSTAGE! Hier stap je met je eigen groep in het leven van DJ's en krijg je een uniek kijkje achter de schermen. Klaar voor spektakel? www.onstageexperience.nl

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ONSTAGE Experience

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ONSTAGE is the first immersive experience that takes you on a mind-blowing trip through the world of DJs & dance festivals. In the city that raised the world’s biggest international DJs, you will experience what it's like to be a #1 DJ. Let the ONSTAGE tour manager be your guide through studio sessions, photoshoots and mysterious backstage areas. After that, you will be warmed up for the big moment: your first spectacular liveshow on the mainstage! That’s not it: there is an afterparty at the backstage bar and you will take home your own track, a press package with photos and an awesome aftermovie!

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vriendengroepen 25-35 jaar


geldig t/m juli 2023, afspraak nader overeen te komen tussen hoogste bieder en Onstage Experience

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8 tickets voor ONSTAGE Experience

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